301tool - URL Redirection Web Application

301tool is a URL Redirection Web Application that is designed to shorten long and unwieldy URLs into smaller, more meaningful URLs.

This application provides similar functionality to online services such as TinyURL or shortURL, but can be used with and hosted on your own domain.

For example, say you have a news article that you would like to link to in a blog post, a tweet on twitter, in an IM or Facebook status, in an email, in a newsletter, or in an IRC topic. Most of those have character limits, so the URL would be too long for posting.

For those that don't have character limits, using a short URL can add context to the link, can be communicated verbally, and would look much cleaner.

So, here's an example. The external link you have could look something like this:


And can be changed to something like this with 301tool:


Honestly, it depends on what you're looking for. For the most part, services such as TinyURL are perfectly adequate for shortening URLs. Some benefits/features of 301tool:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to configure and maintain
  • Features an access log showing 404 errors so they can be corrected
  • Add context for a long URL with a short keyword
  • Use your own domain name, rather than the domain name of a 3rd party redirection service
  • The ability to change the redirected URL after your short URL has been published--without needing to re-publish or re-distribute the existing short URL.

The name actually reveals part of how the application works. Essentially, when you click on the short URL link, it gets redirected to the long, external URL. The type of redirect that is used is called a 301 redirect. The number is a specific status code in the HTTP protocol that tells the browser what is happening.

So, since this is a tool used for making 301 redirects, we arrive at the name 301tool.

To download 301tool version 1.1.5, Click Here.

After downloading, take a look at the included readme file for instructions and FAQs.

Take a look at the release details here for feature additions, changes, and fixes.

  • Apache 1.x/2.x
  • MySQL 5.0.3
  • PHP 5.1.3
  • IonCube Loader (Free Download)
  • A mail transfer agent (usually included on linux platforms by default), such as qmail or Mercury
  • Runs on both Windows and Linux platforms (LAMP or WAMP)

301tool is completely free for for personal use (meaning, individuals/organizations/websites that are neither running ads nor selling goods/products/services), non-profit organizations, public libraries, and for educational/instructive/classroom purposes.

A commercial license for 301tool is required for organizations that do not meet the non-commercial criteria, which includes: for-profit organizations, businesses, government bodies, and academic institutions (outside of educational/classroom use). For commercial users, 301tool may be used for an evaluation period of 30 days. After the 30 day evaluation period, you must either remove their unlicensed copy of 301tool or purchase a commercial license from the AJD Productions Store.

If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact store[at]ajd-productions.com