Published Works was intended as a blog featuring most of Adam's published articles formerly featured on,, and a few other blogs which have since gone offline. Below are some of the highlighted articles.

Weekly Column - Kudos & Calamities

The "Kudos & Calamities" column was the brainchild of its original co-authors, Adam Deutschmann and Tyler Thompson. The idea behind the column was to be able to alternate authors every week who each tackle an interesting personal topic or news headline related to technology. The column was inherited by PCMech members Kram and Ryan Passey, and was eventually retired as PCMech evolved into more of a blogging format.

Blog Posts

Adam has written almost 100 issues of the PC Mechanic Newsletter, starting with issue #96 and concluding with issue #205. The newsletter is currently sent out to approximately 25,000 subscribers. The PC Mechanic Newsletter Archives are available here.

Adam, PCMech's Editor-In-Chief from 2005 to 2007, has been a member of the PCMech community since August 2002. He started out like any other eager first-time PC builder, and eventually became a regular forum visitor due to PCMech's friendly and professional nature with its "there's no such thing as a stupid question" mantra. He was eventually invited to join the group of forum moderators who keep the forums running smoothly. At approximately the same time, he began to take an interest in writing about technology and sharing his knowledge with other users after seeing the same question and patterns emerging again and again. Adam eventually accepted the position of the new Editor-In-Chief after the former Editor-In-Chief was ready to pass on the torch. Since Adam was a prominent forum member, it opened the door for gathering up other fellow techs on the forums into a content production team. This resulted ina steady stream of fresh, relevant, and interesting content featured on PCMech.

But all that is just Adam's history with PCMech. In the real world, Adam has had an interest in technology since seeing his first computer: one of the early Apple II's. After learning to use OS 7 and OS 8, he eventually moved onto Windows 95 and 98 where his interest and knowledgebase began to increase exponentially.

Throughout his academic career, he was known as the go-to expert for all sorts of technology questions, be it computers, stage equipment, copier machines, or just about any other thing which required power and contained electronics. For the most part, Adam was self-taught and was able to pick up many things in his travels. This knack with technology eventually led to a job in a local IT department, where he worked for roughly seven years. Throughout that time, Adam had the opportunity to work with many forms of technology and multimedia, as well as backstage and sound/lighting booth work on indoor and outdoor concerts, as well as small theatrical productions.

Adam also taught a small number of seminar sessions during that time, which were primarily introductory tutorials and demonstrations featuring various forms of technology and software. Additionly, he also taught introductory programming classes based in Java.

Starting in 2007, Adam worked for a small business which was engaged in corporate learning & training. He was the Technology Coordinator for two years and the sole individual responsible for providing IT and A/V technical support, repair services, troubleshooting, and installation.

Starting in 2009, Adam worked for a local college as the lead A/V specialist & installer for all the multimedia classrooms, and as one of the technology specialists offering technology support services for computer labs, faulty/staff, and students.

Adam also has a keen interest in web development technologies, with one of those interests ending up as a usable product available online at Adam has also done some freelance web development and continues to perform freelance computer repair services.

Adam is an active staff member on the SitePoint Forums, and an Administrator on the PCMech Forums.

In his free time (or what little of it there is), Adam likes to bike, fence, read, draw, write, play guitar, sing, play computer games (you'll usually see him online playing Team Fortress 2, or Left4Dead2), and work with multimedia.

If you wish to contact Adam, you can get ahold of him through his email address.