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AJD Productions was created and is owned by Adam Deutschmann and after completing several visual and audio projects over the years, it was finally time to "show off " these projects in one convenient location...
At AJD Productions, you can find past, present, and in-progress endeavors, such as 3D Characters & Landscapes, Graphic Design Solutions, Films, Web Pages, Models and Audio Projects.  Enjoy!


News & Recent Additions

-December 10th, 2005-

Should you wish to view the new layout, it can be seen here!  There is some new content there that is not available here (such as digital paintings and flash animations, and their respective artist statements), so be sure to check it out!

-December 9th, 2005-

Within the next couple of weeks, I'll be phasing out this green, gray & black design and be shifting over to a more modern and dynamic layout.  At the same time, hopefully I'll get some of the content up that I had originally planned for this site.

This webpage served its purpose several years ago, and now, it's showing it's age in what is soon to be 2006.  So, be sure to look for the new pristine and shiny layout.  After all, a web designer's home page should show off some of the best that they are capable of!

This layout was sadly done in FrontPage before I really started getting into web development and learning about what tools were available.  Most of the time I use DreamWeaver and do a lot of hand-coding.

No, I will not be deleting this layout entirely.  I spent too much time on it for that.  It will simply be moved to the archives and will no longer be updated.  At that time, I'll try to do a writeup about how I created this design, since I know a number of people have asked through the two years that this site has been up.

-March 24th, 2005-

A new page design has been completed and a brief description on it has been added here.

-January 7th, 2005-

A description of Superintendent Sherman Parker's "Roast Toast" video has been put up for your reading pleasure.

-November 20th, 2004-

An image of the WLGC Golden Age Radio Microphone has been added to the Model Image Gallery.

-November 19th, 2004-

Looks like we're on a roll here. There has been yet another update to the Web Pages section!  An overview of the LGCSD Technology Department page has been put up for your viewing pleasure.

-November 18th, 2004-

There has been an additional update today to the Web Pages section!  An overview of the LGHS Libary page has been put up for your viewing pleasure.

There has been another update to the Web Pages section!  A background look at the LGHS Heath Office for a look at an early design from 2001 by AJD Productions.

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