"Moby Dick" - Transcript

Adam Deutschmann proudly presents
A re-telling of a sea faring classic

Herman Melville's

Moby Dick

(Beginning with: Chapter 109; Ahab and Starbuck in the Cabin)

According to usage, they were pumping the ship next morning; and lo! No inconsiderable oil came up with the water; the casks below must have sprung a bad leak. Much concern was shown; and Starbuck went down into the cabin to report this unfavorable affair.

Ahab: "Who's There?" (footsteps) "On Deck! Begone!"

Starbuck: "Capitan Ahab mistakes; it is I. The oil in the hold is leaking, sir. We must up Burtons and break out."

Ahab: "Up Burtons and break out? Now that we are nearing Japan; heave-to here for a week to tinker a parcel of old hoops?"

Starbuck: "Either do that, sir, or waste in one day more oil than we may make in a good year. What we come 20,000 miles to get is worth saving, sir."

Ahab: "So it is; so it is. If we get it."

Starbuck: "I was speaking of the oil in the hold, sir."

Ahab: "And I was not speaking or thinking of that at all. Begone! Let it leak! I'm all aleak myself. Aye! Leaks in leaks! Not only full of leaky casks, but those leaky casks are in a leaky ship; and that's a far worse plight than the Pequod's man. Yet I don't stop to plug my leak; for who can find it in the deep-loaded hull; or how hope to plug it, even if found, in this life's howling gale? Starbuck! I'll not have the Burtons hoisted."

Starbuck: "What will the owners say, sir?"

Ahab: "Let the owners stand on Nantucket beach and outyell the Typhoons. What cares Ahab? Owners, owners? Thou art always prating to me, Starbuck, about those miserly owners, as if the owners were on my conscience. But look ye, the only real owner of anything is its commander, and hark ye, my conscience is in this ship's keel.--On deck!"

Starbuck: "Capitan Ahab, a better man than I might well pass over in thee what he would quickly enough resent in a younger man; aye, and in a happier, Capitan Ahab."

Ahab: "Devils! Dost thou then so much as dare to critically think of me--On deck!"

Starbuck: "Nay, sir, not yet; I do entreat. And I do dare, sir--to be forbearing! Shall we not understand each other better than hitherto, Capitan Ahab?"

Ahab: (grabs musket from rack & lowers it at Starbuck) "There is one God that is Lord over earth, and one Capitan that is lord over the Pequod.--On deck!"

Starbuck: (pause w/ breathing) "Thou hast outraged, not insulted me, sir; but for that I ask thee not to beware of Starbuck; thou wouldst but laugh; but let Ahab beware of Ahab; beware of thyself, old man."

Ahab: (Starbuck leaves and Ahab murmurs) "He waxes brave, but nevertheless obeys; most careful bravery at that!" What's that he said--Ahab beware of Ahab--There's something there! (pause, Ahab walks around) Thou art but too good a good fellow, Starbuck." (shouts to crew) "Furl the t'gallant-sails and close-reef the top-sails, fore and aft; back the main-yard; up Burtons, and break out in the mainhold."