"301tool" - Developer's Statement

This web application was built in PHP and MySQL, which is essentially designed to be a stand-alone application to easily share and send URLs. Typically, website links tend to get long and cumbersome, which makes it difficult to send/post on services with character limitations, applications that wrap and break long URLs to the next line (ie, Outlook), or share verbally. Much like a TinyURL service, this web application allows you to host your own version of a URL redirector with your own domain.

In this stable version of 1.0.0b4, offered are the basic essentials of easily redirecting a short, friendly URL to a separate external URL.

For instance, I could redirect http://mydomain.com/external/panda to http://www.cnn.com/main/articles/2009/03/16/an-article-about-pandas/395081/#top. So, the short URL could be pasted in emails, posted on twitter, or sent out in your site's text version newsletter.

In the upcoming version 1.1.0, many more features are being added, which include:

  • Easy access to back-end settings
  • Easy setup script
  • An access log showing 404 errors so they can be corrected
  • ...and various other tweaks, additions, and updates

Currently, downloads of 301tool 1.0.0b4 will be made available under a Creative Commons license on a request-only basis by email. This will change for version 1.1.0, which will be freely available for non-commercial purposes.

~ Adam Deutschmann, March 2009