"AdamTheTech" - Artist Statement

AdamTheTech was a brand I came up with back in Summer of 2008, intended to be a personable tech help website for inexperienced and intermediate users. The idea was to cultivate a personable brand folks would recognize and could rely on, similar to the way Chris Prillo developed his own recognizable brand over at lockergnome.com several years back, but more easy going and with content similar in form to that found on lifehacker.com.

Due to demands on my time, the project didn't go much further than the initial mock up design template.

As an interesting side note, in developing this design I discovered and reported a CSS rendering bug in Opera 9.63 regarding the use of a bottom dotted/dashed border and a top solid border being used on the same element with a background color applied. It was then corrected for following releases.

~ Adam Deutschmann, April 2009