"AJD Productions (2005) " - Artist Statement

Since my original AJD Productions site was seriously showing its age, it was long past due for a makeover. The current site is the basis of that design, which I've revamped and improved upon a little as of May 2007. I designed before the inception of the whole "Web 2.0" movement, and interestingly enough, it presents a few qualities common to Web 2.0 sites. However, this is by no means a fully fledged Web 2.0 site.

This site is merely a means of presenting a gallery of works in a better way than my original 2003 site. While the site itself is not representative of my best web design skills (as you can see, it's a little on the bland side), it still works.  The liquid/dynamic design allows the site to fit on just about any screen resolution.

For my next design, I'd like to actually build a small CMS back-end to manage the site, since, due to the limitations of this particular server, I'm stuck with front-end web languages. But, that's another project for another day. I hope you enjoy the works I currently have here to offer.

~ Adam Deutschmann, May 2007