"Impala Game Engine" - Developer's Statement

The Impala Game Engine was built using C# on the .NET Framework in Visual Studio 2005, and the game files are written in XML. The actual engine only took me a few days to code, and since the project had a few weeks of time allotted, I spent about a week after that coding the create/edit game feature. There is also a feedback feature that can be filled out when a player reaches the end of a game (the player's feedback and game log file get sent to an email account for review).

Now, as you will see, this isn't exactly like the command console text-based adventure games of the early days of computing. All the actions are displayed as buttons, and the items and locations in scrolling lists. A main window conducts the game, offering text output to the player.

If I were to develop this further, there are a few minor things I'd like to add/change to this, but considering this isn't a huge scale production, I think I can safely walk away from it with a number of things learned (unless, of course, I get a mass of emails requesting further development ).

~ Adam Deutschmann, June 2007