"Lake George Central Schools" - Artist Statement

I was very pleased with the way this page ended up. I was shooting for a web 2.0 style, and nailed it pretty well. I used a lot of web 2.0 techniques with this page, such as the use of the link list on the left, the big, but simple header, the contrasting, simple colors, the beveling, the large text, and so on.

One interesting feature I added was the text bubbles when you hover on one of the links on the left. The specifications of the project included providing a way to see what was behind the section links to see if what the user wanted was there or not. So, I came up with this solution. There is a minor quirk in that the bubble's point doesn't always fall within the borders of the link box, but it still works fine and isn't a huge issue.

Another interesting feature was trying to get the footer to "stick" to the bottom of the page, rather than clinging to the bottom of the page's content, like in the 2005 design of the AJD Productions site. Granted, both techniques work, but it looks a bit more professional to have the footer at the actual foot of the page.

All the images on the page I either photographed myself or created them in Photoshop, as usual.

As for notoriety, this page was recognized in the local area paper, The Post Star, as a modern, commercially developed website, which was a pleasing thing to see.

~ Adam Deutschmann, May 2007