"Macbeth" - Artist Statement

Macbeth was not the first book-on-tape style production I have done.  I made three others before it, which were for a Spanish class.  The first one was an actual project, while the following two were done for fun.  To this day, I still remember some of the Spanish because of working on these projects.  The big things that were different between those and Macbeth were the software tools I used, and the person who did the voices.  Since I was on my own for this project, I did all the voices.  Since a person’s voice is only one frequency, it’s difficult coming up with different voices for different characters, and this audio production sure had a handful of them.

I had the most fun mixing everything after all the voices were recorded--the sound effects...the music...  I’d say the overall effect turned out pretty well, minus, of course, my bad voice acting.

~ Adam Deutschmann, June 2007