"Satirical Presidential Ad" - Artist Statement

The satirical presidential ad was a mini-project that took the view of political party and promoted it in some fashion. This particular "ad" opens with an electrocution; gruesome, perhaps, and maybe a tad (heh) shocking, but an interesting challenge to pull together from bits and pieces of sound effects, plus some of my own making. The remainder of the ad featured a presidential candidate giving his spiel with Sousa's Washington Post March playing in the background. It is revealed that the issue is capital punishment and the point of view is that of the Democratic Party, with the candidate bolstering himself and letting off a pot shot at the other candidate.

This ad has no bearing on whatever my political opinions may be on the mentioned political parties or the serious issue being put on a pedestal and poked with a stick. This ad was simply an exercise in creativity made in good fun, and I hope it is received in the same manner.

~ Adam Deutschmann, June 2007