"Three Amigos" - Artist Statement

This mini-project was an exercise in change 3 things in a photograph with Photoshop.  This picture was taken at our prom as we were leaving a resort where it was being held. In it are two of my friends (Ethan and Tom, respectively), as well as myself on the right. We had this picture taken with our hands posed as if we held swords in the "Three Musketeers" style, thinking that I would eventually Photoshop swords in our hands after the picture was developed. I never got around to it until now. This is the reasoning behind the first alteration.

The second alteration was the addition of dark sunglasses on myself simply for the "coolness factor".

The third alteration was the coloration of Ethan’s had and face, and Tom's hair. Why the colors? They just seemed to fit their personalities; a wacky blue alien and a wild and crazy red-haired party animal.

Overall, the power of 3 is very prominent among these 3 images. The 3 subjects, the three swords, and the three alterations over each of the subjects in the image.

~ Adam Deutschmann, December 2005