"War Scene" - Artist Statement

First off, this is probably the most disturbing image I've ever created. To this day, I still find it a bit unsettling because, after all, I created it.

Anyway, this project called for a portrayal of a reasonably current social issue. Since I didn't really feel like going for the standard ones (eating disorders, smoking, drugs, etc.), I went for the escalating "war or terror" and the current unrest dealing with people agreeing/not agreeing with the war.

Considering the content, it should be kept in the context of 2003 where Saddam Hussein was considered "the evil dictator" and "the face of evil", as proclaimed by the mass media. Considering the escalation of the whole situation with attempting to find and bring Saddam Hussein to justice, plus his suspected armament of weapons of mass destruction, this particular piece captures the moment of Armageddon after both sides got locked in combat and resorted to destroying the world to get at each other. Thankfully, this didn't happen.

As for how I made this piece, most of the background was done in Bryce, followed by touch-ups and the addition of the stock nuclear explosion image in Photoshop. The images of the two leaders are stock images as well, which I imported into Bryce and positioned 3D skulls to match the angle of each person's head. From there, layers and the eraser tool in Photoshop were the primary means to achieve the effect of in two figures.

~ Adam Deutschmann, May 2007